Here you can find our wellness training courses to be carried out in our House throughout the year, according to your desires and your energy needs.


Saturday at 10am

Qi-Gong session

10€ per person

The right practice is pleasant and joyful.

Practitioners discover the pleasure of feeling mobile and fluid while being anchored and solid, they do not seek pain or physical limits but rather joy and comfort. The Qi gong with a stick tones, strengthens and harmoniously unites movement and breathing.

Reservation with Nathalie Nguyen at or Valérie Spindler at


Saturday at 5pm

Guided meditation session

20€ in individual session

15€ in group session

From two persons, the group rate applies.

Meditation of full presence is an invitation to listen to one's inner self. It is in a way an appointment with oneself, calm and profound, which allows one to anchor oneself in a state of solidity and balance. Full presence meditation can help to free oneself from a chronic stress rooted in our society and which most often finds its source in our daily lives. It serves to welcome what is within and around you. It is not a relaxation practice, it just consists in being more present to oneself.

Reservation with Natacha Guisot at